air compressor


Pneumatic Tool Storage

Pneumatic tools are the unsung heroes of my shop.  My brad nailer never shares in the glory of a completed furniture project, but it touches every jig and shop project that I (sometimes literally) throw together.  The problem I’ve always had, though, is that using it is a pain in the neck.  I had to lug around the compressor because I was tethered to a short spiral air hose.  All the accessories, connectors, and thingamajigs were scattered around my shop, never readily available when I needed them.  So, to make life a little sweeter, I carved out some space for my pneumatic tools on the open stud wall in my shop, right in-between my hardware storage shelves and my clamp cart. 

There’s nothing fancy or innovative here; the picture pretty much speaks for itself.  Some scrap plywood was all I needed to create some storage shelves between the studs and to hang my stapler, brad nailer, and hoses. The main benefit that I get from this setup is that the compressor stays in one place, and I can use the 50’ retractable hose to reach anywhere in the shop.  That’s a total game changer.  The blue trays hold my brads, staples, and various connectors and attachments.  My nail guns are held by double-pronged robe hooks.  I have no idea why I had four of these in stock, but by some happy accident, they fit the tools perfectly.  Serendipity, FTW.

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